Smart Airport Luggage Cart with OLED Display
1of 20 design shortlists on Dezeen and LG Display's OLED's Go! Competition
_ 2021 Spring
_ Individual Project
_ Skills practiced; Form exploration, Solidworks, Keyshot, Photoshop, Illustrator and Autocad.

I want to design a smart cart that quickly helps people find their way and purpose through a transparent rolling up OLED display.
When people are in a vast airport, they experience a messy and complicated situation like looking for directions, locations, and airport events. To be specific, passengers are boarding and transferring airplanes, shopping, and having a meal in the airport. Even though there are information desks, airport maps, boarding boards to find direction and information, users experience the complex and hectic situation in the airport.
I proposed the smart airport luggage cart to help airport users find their destination precisely and understand the information quickly to solve this problem.
What's the challenge?
Space & Direction
Space & Direction
In the airport, people experience a lot of events. People have a hard time getting their direction or places to go based on the various airports. There are reasons why people experience difficulty getting directions. First of all, most airports are enormous places. It makes the passenger be challenging to find their destination and confuse directions.
Furthermore, they are many events simultaneously in the airport according to the time. There are happen departure, arrival, and transfer in the airport. Users follow the destination and purpose based on the time order. So, the time information is essential in the airport. However, sometimes, even though people know the time of the event, they would miss the event and make a mistake. Lastly, people usually experience unexpected events in airports. Based on the weather condition and airplane conditions, the passengers go through unsuspected experiences. In other words, users in the airport experience complex, unexpected, and various events in the airport.
Concept Generation
Combination; Airport Luggage Cart + Transparent OLED Display
I propose the Smart Airport Luggage Cart equipped with a transparent OLED display to help airport passengers. Users can figure out the airport information through the OLED display like passenger's destination, time, location of programs, events, and accidents. The Smart Airport Luggage Cart would fulfill the cart's original purpose to covey luggage and navigation to help passengers find their needs and purposes.
Existing Airport Luggage Cart in John F Kennedy Airport
The current airport luggage cart is Smarte Carte company's luggage Cart. The cart has paid service system. The dimensions of the cart are as follows; Height is 93.5'', Width 25'', and Length15''. The cart has press handle brake system.
Opportunity of Existing Airport Luggage Cart with Display
If the existing airport luggage cart is equipped with display. The users would have a great opportunity in the airport. Through the airport cart with display, passengers can find the information what they want like facilities, and departure and arrival time.  
Ideation Sketch & Quick Prototype Model
So, How could the airport cart combine the OLED display? I proposed four types of smart airport luggage carts based on the OLED display installed place. ​​​​​​​ Based on the ideation, I made four 1/8 scale  luggage carts. After testing and compare the safety of display, accessibility of display, and overlapping of cart, I picked up the prototype D to develop ideation. Prototype D is the most reasonable and great potential prototype for passengers in the airport.
Developed 3D Scale Prototype Model
Ergonomic Study
In the Ergonomic Study, I considered the design so that the whole gender user could easily access the display of the cart. While the user push the cart, they can control the transparent OLED display. Furthermore, I designed the handle of cart and display area between normal work area and maximum work area.  
User Experience with Smart Cart
Final Rendering - Smart Airport Luggage Cart -

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