Korean traditional liquor culture complex and factory
_ Academic; Architectural Design Studio 7
_ Individual Project
_ Thesis Project

Currently, consumption and production of the traditional liquor is gradually decreasing in the Republic of Korea. Also, the culture of traditional liquor is gradually disappearing. I design traditional liquor distillery to solve this problem. The idea of this project is that people can experience the manufacture process of alcohol in this distillery. It exposes the process of alcohol to people directly or indirectly. It is going to attract traditional markets that are located at nearby sites to upper floors and install breweries at lower floors. I connect the ground floor to the ground floor through a space. Then place the places where alcohol is made in the connected areas. This makes it easier for people to see how alcohol is made. And people make their own traditional wine, or they consume it in the upper part of the factory, and experience a culture related to it. Through this, the consumption and culture of traditional alcohol, which has gradually been forgotten, are revived. This place is Intemperance Movement.
Korean Traditional Distillery Architectural Model
Korean Traditional Distillery Exploded Axon Diagram
Korean Traditional Distillery Exploded Axon Diagram
Rhino, Vray, Illustrator, and Photoshop / Distillery Program Axon Diagram / 2017
Korean Traditional Distillery Architectural Rendering

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