USA Crater Data Visualization
The Message From Universe to Earth
Google Sheet, Google Earth, Excel, Photoshop, and Illustrator / Data Visualization of Large Craters in the United States / 2021
_ Academic; Data Vis & Info Aesthetics
_ Instructor; Jason Aston
_ Project Purpose; Aesthetics in Language, Hierarchy, and Style
_ Project Period; 1 week
_ Individual Project

Through the existing data visualization or data resources, I developed and improved USA Crater Data Visualization. I considered the color, size, placement, highlighting, aesthetics, and language criterion to improve the data visualization. Through traces of data from a more macroscopic perspective, I reinterpreted the visuals of existing data. I created crater visual data that showed relationships, location, and time at once.
Original Data & Resources
Large Craters in the United States
Source from; Earth Impact Database

Large Craters in the United States
Source from; Earth Impact Database

Encoding Process
Encoding Data through Google Sheet
Google Sheet / X axis is time Y axis the diameter, size is diameter, Blue color and Red color mean that the Target Rock / 2021

Encoding Data through Excel
Excel / X axis is time Y axis the crater name / 2021
Encoding Data through Google Earth
Google Earth / the location of the craters in the USA / 2021
Through google sheet, Excel, and google earth, I encoded the original data. I reorganized diameter, time, target rock, and location of crater's data for data visualization.
Visual Ideation
Concept Sketch 
Procreate and Illustrator / The ideation sketch; connection all datas / 2021
Initial Data Visualization Drawing
Google Earth, Google Sheet, Excel, Photoshop, and Illustrator / Data from a macroscopic perspective / 2021
I wanted to show the crater's data all at once, the year of the crater, the size of the crater, the characteristics of the composition of the crater. Through the macroscopic perspective view, I wanted to show the locations of craters on the North American continent of the Earth, showing space and the planet. It then connects the locations of the craters with the timeline to show the feeling of messages sent from space. And differentiate the personality of the crater by its color.
Body Mass Index Of Star Wars
Excel and Illustrator / Tree Mapping typology of BMI Data / 2021
_ Academic; Data Vis & Info Aesthetics
_ Instructor; Jason Aston
_ Project Purpose; Visualization Questions, Types, Perception
_ Project Period; 1 week
_ Individual Project

Based on the original data of Star Was character, I encoded the mass and height information for getting Body Mass Index. 
Original Data & Resources
Star Wars Character's Information Data
Encoding Process
Encoding Body Data through Excel
Excel / X axis is height, Y axis is Name of Characters / 2021
Encoding BOD Data through Excel
Excel / Calculate BOD data organizing by color / 2021
BMI Color Information
Illustrator / Standardize BMI by color / 2021
At first, I align the mass and height of characters in the existing data, and I analyze the obesity of the characters through the organized data. I used the formula for BMI data (Kg/m2). Finally, I express and arrange groups of BMI by color.
Visual Ideation
Initial Data Visualization Tree mapping
Excel / Tree mapping of BMI Data / 2021
Through tree mapping, the hierarchy of bmi data is established and tree mapping is distinguished by color criteria.
All Images designed by Sungjik Kim  (Except Original Data Sources)
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