1st Place in Union of Architecture University Students Competition (South Korea)
_ Competition; 5th Union of Architecture University Student Competition (UAUS)
_ Project Period; 14 week
_ Teamwork with 16 people who were Yonsei University Architecture Students.
Sungjik Kim played responsible for the making pavilion prototype, molding coffee brick, and building pavilion. 
The theme of the project is to create space by recycling useless things. Recycling is the act of re-using or modifying objects that are no longer useful. So, wouldn’t there be anything meaningless in the world if abandoned things were given new uses or meanings? From this point of view, our team noted a large amount of coffee debris that is thrown away in proportion to the increasing consumption of coffee. Ninety-nine percent of the coffee beans we drink is thrown away as regular waste. We created Coffee Brick to architecturally present a new use of coffee scraps left unrecognized in everyday life. Through this, we would like to present the availability of new eco-friendly materials in architecture and show the continuous utilization of coffee brick. Citizens will experience the possibility of coffee brick by planting their own plants in bricks and participate in lively regeneration activities in the architectural experience of producing and dismantling the pavilion together. After the exhibition, Coffee Brick will be provided as a pot to the citizens or will be replayed in other places, continuing the activities of building regeneration. Coffee Bricks, which cannot be used over time, will also be remembered as true regeneration by fertilizing and returning to nature.​​​​​​​
Mass Study Models
Program Zoning Study 
Coffee Brick Manufacture & Installation Study

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