City Filter
City Filter
Photo of actual seoul city, Rhino, Vray and Photoshop / City filter clean Air pollution / 2017
_ Competition; 2017 Evolve Skyscraper Competition
_ Project Purpose; Clean the air pollution in South Korea
_ In collaboration with Sung hoon Lee
_ Sungjik Kim played responsible for the architectural rendering, concept ideation and design development.
Through this project, we proposed a filter to solve a polluted atmosphere in the city. The atmosphere in Seoul, where we live, is much more polluted compared to the past. There is a lot of fine dust in the atmosphere, and our lifespan has been reduced due to the fine dust. The fine dust emitted by factories and city systems for human development has destroyed humans ultimately. To solve this vicious cycle of cities, we designed the high-rise building that acts as a filter in cities. This building is covered with fur. Also, the building has a large surface area because the one tiny hair has a great number of fine hairs like a human`s intestinal villus. As these hairs fly in the wind, they cause static electricity. So, it is effective in catching fine dust around. Through this system, fine dust can be filtered out of the atmosphere; air can be pumped into the interior, then circulated back into clean air and sent outside. So, the polluted air can be purified through the building, not the plant. As a result, the city will have clean air that is different from what it is today.
City filter interior
Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Vray, and Photoshop / The interior view of City Filter / 2017
Korea Calligraphy Museum
Korea Calligraphy Museum
3D MAX, Vray and Photoshop / The Front View of Calligraphy Museum / 2015
_ Academic; Architecture Design Studio 3
_ Project Topic; Complex Art Space
_ Project Purpose; A Review of Programs, Spaces, Materials, and Details of Medium-sized Buildings 
                              Based on Understanding Urban and Architectural Contexts. 
_ Individual Project
On the site of Insa-dong, Seoul, which has the context of Seoul's traditional culture, it is a gallery where visitors can directly experience the traditional Korean calligraphy culture. Calligraphy refers to visual art that expresses aesthetic beauty by using paper, brush, ink, etc., around letters. I designed the following exhibitions for people to share their artistic and architectural experiences of calligraphy. The gallery uses black bricks and brings sunlight lights into interior space, expressing an architectural sense of space. With the experience of sun lighting and semi-dark space, people can look around the space of light and Calligraphy in the Museum. Just as the ink spreads on white drawing paper, light shines on the dark space, sequentially expressing the programs of the architectural exhibition space to people.
Korea Calligraphy Museum Interior View
3D MAX, Vray and Photoshop / The interior view of City Filter / 2015
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